Project Description

  • High-performance composites, composed of reinforcement (fiber, particles, fillers,...) and a matrix, have a large usage in many fields. Particular in power transformers and switchgear its application is responsible for many advantages. In this specific case, the dielectric and mechanical strength is influenced by the fiber-matrix interphase. Since the composite failure, generally, occurs in the fiber-matrix zone, it is critical to develop approaches to reduce stress concentrations in this region.

  • So, in this project, the following strategies will be adopted:
    - Development of approaches to reduce stress concentrations in the interphase;
    - Fiber surface modification;
    - Graded Interphases (interphase engineering);
    - New methodologies, validation tools and multi-scale simulation for interphase characterization and optimization.
  • This project is a collaborative research that combines an international and multidisciplinary team from Germany, Latvia and Sweden.