Graded Interphases for Enhanced Dielectric and Mechanical Strength of Fiber Reinforced Composites

  • Power transformers and switchgears are key components made of high-performance composites used in power grids. Their availability and robustness have a decisive influence on the reliability and profitability especially for the future expansion of power grids. Their mechanical but also dielectric composite strength is strongly determined by the fiber-matrix interphase as the origin of micro-scale damage.
  • The objective of the project is the development of approaches to reduce stress concentrations in the interphase in order to increase the durability of composite structures. This is achieved by fiber surface modification for a gradation of the interphase to avoid the distinct stiffness difference occurring between fiber and matrix. The project addresses the need for new methodologies and validation tools for interphase optimization required in all composite market sectors to gain knowhow in the complex field of interphase formation, their stress transfer capability and damage behavior.

  • It is a collaborative research that combines an international and multidisciplinary team from Germany, Latvia, and Sweden. The project's funding is provided by the corresponding national financiers:
                   - Germany: Saxon State Ministry for Science, Culture and Tourism;
                   - Sweden: VINNOVA, Sweden's innovation agency, and
                   - Latvia: VIAA, State Education Development Agency.

  • The project has started on 01 June 2022 and will end on 31 May 2025 (36 months).